Thank you for your interest in this remarkable project 

Your investment, coupled with the non-profit model, will keep Midway as affordable live/work space for artists, and secure this valuable intellectual & creative resource for the region in perpetuity.

We have exceeded our initial fundraising goal of $1million dollars due on February 5th:  Within 14 business days we raised $1.1million.  Many people thought this was not possible - it was.

To close the sale we must raise an additional $1.1million in investments by April 1. We invite you to join us.


The investment:

Midway Artist Collective, Inc. is offering investors the opportunity to invest in Ten-Year Term Subordinate Investment Notes, which will accrue interest on the principal amount at an annual rate of Eight Percent (8.0%), payable to investors each year by January 15. The principal amount of the Investment Notes will be payable ten years from the estimated April 2014 closing of the acquisition.

Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions provided in the Confidential Offering for more information. 

It's a unique way to receive both a very nice return on your investment, and make a lasting impact on the arts in Boston.


How to invest:

1:  Download and Review the Confidential Offering here

2:  Write a check:

Payable to Midway Artists Collective, Inc

Print and fill out Exhibit A and Exhibit C  (these are bookmarked in the Confidential Offering PDF table of contents)

3:  Mail the forms and attached check to:

Midway Artist Collective, Inc

℅ New Atlantic Development ,LLC

725 Harrison Ave., Suite 1

Boston, MA 02118

Attn: William Madsen-Hardy Midway Artist Collective Treasurer


If you have any questions please contact us, or email us at - We will be happy to answer them.


Please spread the word! Tell your friends, family, neighbors and potential investors via Facebook, word of mouth, and email - get them to subscribe too. Thank you for your support.